California's processing tomato industry relies on dependable transportation to deliver harvested crops to processing facilities. Our team provides logistics and timely delivery from field to processor.

Youngs played a leading role in professionalizing the transportation of  California's nearly 13 million annual tons of processing tomatoes. Where trucking was once fragmented, Youngs has created partnerships to provide full-service, large-scale trucking solutions.

Dependable Leader in Tomato Logistics Solutions for over 75 Years

Youngs plays a central role in annual transportation of California's tomato crop. We recognize that harvest and cannery scheduling requires 24 hours per day, for over 100 days. Our professional team has maintenance and staging yards throughout California to keep your business of harvesting and processing tomatoes running smoothly. We provide logistics solutions for custom site requirements, including trailer placement, shuttle, and communications.

Charting the Future for the Supply Chain

Increasing regulations regarding emissions, electronic on-board recording devices, and liability issues are changing the risk environment for the supply chain. Marginal and small-fleet operators are finding the business environment increasingly difficult to navigate, while enforcement agencies are creating penalty systems that target end-users, including packers and processors. 

Youngs Commercial Transfer is: