Who We Serve

Commitment to Our Customers

We are California’s leader in the agricultural transportation industry, providing our long-term partners reliability and flexibility. Growing and packing/processing tomatoes, citrus, peppers, grapes, and livestock feed is a sophisticated business. We understand the importance of the orderly supply and delivery of harvested crops, raw inputs, and processor co-products. Efficiency and communication comprise the foundation of supply chain management.

Customers have rewarded our dependability with long relationships, relying on Youngs for no-fuss transportation of their valued products for over 75 years. 





  1. Tomatoes

    California's tomato processing industry relies on dependable transportation to deliver harvested crops to processing facilities.

  2. Citrus

    Packing houses rely on timely inbound supplies, regional consolidation, and cull removals to maintain packing and marketing schedules. Youngs' central dispatch and ready-now system handles the normal challenges of harvesting and packing.

  3. Other Field Crops

    Youngs hauls pistachios, spinach, peppers, wine grapes, and a variety of other field crops.

  4. Feed Division

    Youngs transports brewers' spent grain, citrus peel, grape pomace, rice mill, compost, rice mill, compost, manure, gypsum, almond hulls, pistachio wet waste, wet commodities and various co-products in the wet commodities in end-dumps, walking floors, and tankers.