Safety is Good Business

Our safety record (CTA Fleet Safety Award, 2010, 2011, 2012) is a direct result of our safety program.  In 2013, we received the prestigious STAR Safety Award from the California Highway Patrol.  This program honors one fleet in California in our category of over 20 trucks. 

Safety for our employees, customers, and community is good business. Youngs implements a rigorous and structured safety training and continuous improvement protocol. We partner with our customers to provide logistics solutions that protect them from interruptions of service,  keep them safe from a compliance standpoint, minimize penalty risk, and protect with insurance coverage that reflects our volume and scale.

Youngs' Record

Youngs encourages our customers to research the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's online safety measurement system.  Safety records are public information.


On-Board Recording (EOBRs)

Safety performance significantly increases with the adoption of electronic on-board recording devices. Youngs supports industry efforts to level the playing field and remove the temptation by marginal carriers to compromise safety.