The Young's Driver Team Advantage

Young's values family and community. We believe that strong families and communities are supported through business productivity and performance. Ask a Young's driver about the Young's Team Advantage. With a great dispatch, communications systems, and quality equipment, we are committed to supporting the best drivers in the industry.

Best Pay in the Industry

Young's drivers earn the best pay through our consistent seasonal and year-round driving positions. We minimize wait times, haul more loads, and the Young's Drivers Team earns the highest driver averages in the industry. 

Seasonal and Year-Round

Young's hires drivers and owner/operators for both seasonal and year-round positions. We provide transportation services for citrus, tomatoes, grapes, nuts, peppers, livestock feed, and many other crops. 

Commitment to Fleet Safety and Efficiency

We value our drivers with our commitment to safety and communication. We prioritize our fleet maintenance and efficient dispatch to to support our drivers, because we know that performance requires a team approach.   

On-the-Job Training

Our on-the-job Young's Driver Training Program provides qualified applicants with an opportunity to join the Young's Drivers Team. Bring your CA DMV clean driving record to apply for the Young's Driver Training Program. 

If you are interested in joining the Young's Driver Team, contact us today. Submit an application or contact us at 559-784-6651.